IPL Laser hårfjerning For Kvinder Bikini Krop Facial Ansigt Hair Remover Enheder Smertefri Permanent IPL Laser Epilator Maskine




IPL Laser Hair Removal For Women Bikini Body Facial Face Hair Remover Devices Painless Permanant IPL Laser Epilator Machine


1.Permanent&Safe:IPL works inside pores, destroys hair papilla, thus achieves 8 weeks permanent hair removal.No influence on normal sweat and sebum secretion.

2.Touch Type Button with LCD Display clearly shows the flashing times left, function status and power Level.

3.One Intergrated Lamp Holder Design, more stable and long lifepan than the changeable lamp type.

4.Five Adjustable optional energy levelsaccording to the skin sensibility.

5.Two Operation Modes: Manual Flash suitable for armpit,bikini and other small area hair removal.Auto Flash Suitable for thighs,arms,and other large areas of hair

removal.Long press can achieve automatic continuous light,hair removal efficiency inincreased by 30%.

How to use it?

1:Make sure that the hair in the area to be depilated has been shaved.Check whether the light output window is clean.

2:The adapter is connected to the household power supply,and the DC connector of the power supply is inserted into the power socket of the machine instrument.The screen shows off.

3:Press the power on the button for a long time, and the depilator will enter the single flash mode.

4:Place the lamp cap of hair removal instrument vertically close tothe skin part that needs hair removal, the light out sign on the display screen flashes,click the light out button to flash the hair removal instrument.A hair removal process has been completed.When the depilator is in continuous light output mode, long pressthe light output key to switch to click light output mode.

5:After depilation,press the power button for 3 seconds to turn off the depilator,Unplug the power adapter.

Package Included:

1x IPL Hair Remover

1x Safety Glasses for Protecting Eyes

1x Adapt Plug

1x Razor

1x Operation Manual in English

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Yderligere oplysninger

Oprindelse KN(Oprindelse)
Power type elektrisk
Model-Nummer U8
Bruger Bikini, Kroppen, Ansigt, Underarm
Element Type Epilator
Mærke Feecy
Certificering Ingen

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